Maglietta Uomo Bart Sport
  • Maglietta Uomo Bart Sport
  • Maglietta Uomo Bart Sport
  • Maglietta Uomo Bart Sport
  • Maglietta Uomo Bart Sport
  • Maglietta Uomo Bart Sport

Bar Sport T-Shirt

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The province BAR SPORT: a ruthless "SOCIAL LOCAL"! (see in description)

High quality T-Shirt, entirely produced in Italy, from design, to the choice of yarn, up to manual screen printing.

100% Ring-Spun cotton

Weight: 140 g/m²

Medium Fit

The shirt is packaged in a page of the Gazetta (typical italian sport news paper), perfect for an original gift!



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- The bar is an analogue social network
- At the bar before insulting someone you think 23 times
- The good bartender, he promises it to everyone, but he doesn't give it to anyone
- The bartender is a perfect psychologist, he pretends to listen to everyone
- At the bar everyone knows things about you, that you don't know
- The bar is a perfect social leveler, marriages and children are born, but as many die of cirrhosis
- Also at the bar you share, the counter, a campari in two and the girlfriend
- At the bar you can find a job, badly go by one, with all those little calicins
- Also at the bar you show off, as soon as you have something new, car, motorbike, bag, partner, show it
- Also at the bar pretend that everything is going well at home, but you can always find a beer friend
- There are people at the bar, more than the bartender
- The bank does not give you credit, but the bartender does

At the bar, unlike social networks, relationships are created based on sharing moments and experiences. The senses are all active, we recognize the voices, the perfumes, we shake hands and we kiss and embrace.



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