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LYNX T-Shirt

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Maglietta dedicata alla LINCE, abitante solitario e silenzioso delle montagne.

Maglia di alta qualità, interamente prodotta in Italia, dal design, alla scelta del filato, fino alla stampa serigrafica manuale.

100% cotone Ring-Spun (vedi descrizione)

Grammatura 140 g/m²

Vestibilità Medium Fit



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The Lynx is a feline and carnivorous mammal. It is larger than a wild cat and has much longer legs. The fur is long and soft, the ears are straight with tufts of hair on the top. It can weigh from 15 to 35 kg, even reaching 40 kg, as in the case of the European lynx. It has a height ranging from 55 to 80 cm and a length ranging from 110 to 150 cm.

It is a solitary and silent animal. He has exceptional sight and hearing; he perceives the slightest quiver. He manages to jump on the branches even at 2.50 meters high, and falls on the prey with an impressive speed.

The territory of the lynx is generally very large, can often exceed 400 square kilometers. Its diet is varied: fawns, hares, foxes, fallow deer, roe deer, mice, invertebrate birds.
Although this cat hunts on the ground, it can climb trees and can swim swiftly, catching fish.

Still present in an extremely sporadic way in the Gran Paradiso National Park and in the Stelvio National Park.

Other examples of the same species are colonizing the Eastern Alps starting from the countries of Eastern Europe, it seems that some examples of lynx arrived in this way up to the Apennines. The population in the Alps is estimated at over 150 specimens.


We choose Ring-Spun yarns to ensure greater quality and durability for our personalized clothing and our brand.

The main advantages of using this type of cotton are strength and at the same time lightness and softness.

In fact, Ring-Spun cotton is braided and thinned during the manufacturing process to create a much thinner, stronger and at the same time soft and light fiber rope. Due to this characteristic the garments are much more durable over time, softer to the touch and maintain their shape.


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