T-shirt woman  Lince
  • T-shirt woman  Lince
  • T-shirt woman  Lince

T-shirt woman Lince

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Women T-shirts with long sleeves and wide round neckline tight sleeves in polyviscose 2x1 ribbed 125 g / 65% polyester, 35% viscose side seams rounded hem comfortable fit.


The lynx is a carnivorous mammal dolphin. It is larger than a wild cat and has much longer legs. The hair is long and soft, the ears are straight with tufts of hair on top. The weight of an adult lynx adult is 20 to 30 pounds and is long about 100/130 cm .; It is about half a meter high at the shoulders. It is a solitary animal and silent. Saw and heard exceptional perceives even the slightest tremor; He can also jump on the branches to 2.50 meters high, and falls on its prey with impressive speed. The territory of the lynx is usually very extensive, often exceed 400 square kilometers. Its power is varied: deer, hares, foxes, deer, deer, mice, birds, invertebrates. Even this extremely sporadic in the Gran Paradiso National Park and in the Stelvio National Park. Other specimens of the same species are colonizing the Eastern Alps from the countries of Eastern Europe, it seems that some specimens of lynx have arrived in this way to the Apennines. The population of the Alps is estimated at over 150 copies.


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