Prestorik - Style of Alps

Negozio PrestorikThe history of Prestorik - Style of Alps is a history that began in Spain where Paul, the owner, has managed for some years and an ice cream shop where he met many small brands related to the image of that land.
In 2002, Paul is back in his homeland, Vallecamonica, an Alpine valley in the province of Brescia with a lot of picturesque mountains, a river that runs through it and a beautiful lake ... the idea is to create something that had a style inspired by mountain culture, its province and folklore.

Here comes Prestorik. A name that recalls the prehistory and in particular the petroglyphs, so the Vallecamonica is Unesco heritage.
The image of Prestorik - Style of Alps, is made of irony with prints that tell the history and uniqueness of the Alps: hiking boots vintage, the typical breakfast from mountain trout which the Alpine rivers are high, the sandwich with Salamis, the porcini mushrooms and many other themed prints Alpine.

The packaging for the tee "food" is the package within which the real foods stored or served. A small wooden cutting board for t-shirts Mountain Breakfast, a can for the Mountain Rivers, a glass jar, the kind of mushrooms in oil, for that Black Porcino.Felpe, hats and leather accessories: bags, belts, bracelets. All it conceived by Paul and produced entirely in Italy.

A brand that speaks of the mountain and those of its uniqueness that should never be lost.